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What can the Rivers family say to explain what Mr. Patrick means to us. His character and dedication to his patients speaks for itself. Since our son Aidan has been under his care, we have seen a tremendous difference in our son physically and socially. Mr. Patrick has given us hope for our son and the strength to deal with every obstacle we have faced with Aidan's condition. Mr. Patrick is kind hearted and dedicated individual who has been a blessing for both me and my family. We just wanted to take a little time to reflect and highlight a few things about Mr. Patrick and how important he is to us. Thank you for all you have done to support us moving forward.

The Rivers Family


Patrick has been a part of Team Lila from our very early days - the days when it was still hard to understand the role her therapists would play and when we simply expected them to tell us what our baby would NOT be able to do. Instead, as Patrick began working with Lila when she was just three months old, it quickly became clear that he would fight for her - and challenge her - just as we would. He became a counselor as we navigated heart surgery and recovery, and the many questions and uncertainties since.


Now, as an active, determined three year old, Lila continues to develop and thrive - and there is no question that his work is one of the key reasons she has met and exceeded goals. His patience and the way he connects with Lila are a gift, a joy to watch, and a true blessing for our entire family. We're so thankful for the quality care that Jumpstart Pediatrics provides.


Mark and Padgett Mozingo


Mrs. Carrie is an EXTREMELY valuable component in Medora's team. She has a boundless amount of energy, compassion, and experience. She continues to do research on Medora's behalf and tailors the therapy session to Medora's specific needs. Carrie makes each therapy session fun and exciting which allows for a great learning environment. Medora's success in speech is directly related to Mrs. Carrie's efforts. We feel so blessed to have Mrs. Carrie as Medora's Speech Therapist!!!

The Trondson Family

Nikolas and zeb

Our family has the privilege of having Emily come to our house for two hours every week to work with two of our children! It’s been close to two years since we first met Emily and during that time, our boys have flourished. Nikolas has learned how to be independent and, using the skills that Emily has taught him, he has become such a confident young man. She is even teaching him to jump! During the time that she has been working with Zeb, he has learn to crawl, walk and now run. Emily has many extraordinary qualities but the one that we love the most is that she truly believes that our boys have an unlimited amount of potential! Thank you, Emily for everything!

The Royaards Family


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