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From our happy home, to yours!

Welcome to the Jumpstart Family!

Jumpstart Pediatrics is a company born out of “Love.”  Our love for the special needs community begins at our home.   Patrick and Jenny Bowers, founders, and the proud parents of Brayden,  who is the inspiration and reason for the creation of Jumpstart.  Our home once had a “revolving” door of weekly therapists, doctors office and specialist visits, and visits from our Early Interventionist.  As Director, I know first hand what it is like to be a parent of a special needs child and all that goes along with daily schedules and the importance of routine.  With the founding of Jumpstart, I am able to communicate, help, and educate the families of the patients we serve.  I receive so much happiness when I am able to listen to families, help them with the services they need, and comfort them in their time of need.  God has truly blessed us with the road he has paved for Jumpstart.

Patrick, member of the Physical Therapy team, is able to share his love of Physical Therapy with God’s most precious children.  He also has a strong love of building and has been able to build ramps, playgrounds, and even parallel bars for our patients.  

Jumpstart was formed as a true family company.  Our therapists are part of our family!  We have an amazing team whose compassion and love is immeasurable for the special needs community.  We strive to offer the best service possible while maintaining a high regard for each individual and giving back to our community.  We celebrate Jumpstart’s birthday each year with a party for our patients and their families as well as sponsoring our local community’s special needs events.  Our goal is to help each and every child exceed expectations on a daily basis.  We become our patient’s biggest fans and we praise them every step of the way.  We are indeed so grateful to be a small part of our families lives!

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